October 29, 2013

When you think of a composition, you see the organization and orchestration of several moving parts. Playing apart with disjointed timing, the elements are disharmonious and disruptive to the listener’s ears. Your consciousness listens to your mind and the elements swirling around in it. It can entirely makeover the way you experience day-to-day life if you arrange the elements to craft an elegant composition.

Compile, Compress, Complete

• Compile a list of the thoughts and ideas that swirl around in your head.
• Compress the story of the thought/idea down to its most current state.
• Complete one micro task towards advancing a good thought or idea

Not aggressive, but directed and motivated, your energy will flow in a positive direction. Each adjustment you make to your composition brings you closer to becoming a true work of art!

August 9, 2013

On a large scale, rest can be monitored in weeks off per season, months off per year, or time away from a specific training style. Broken down, we can look at pausing the action on a monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly level.

The reason why rest is important is that it allows our systems to momentarily return to their normal resting position, thereby maximizing potential energy. This sets in motion a mechanism that can gain momentum and take control of itself while you develop yourself in other ways. Now we realize the importance of knowing when to rest and how long to take away from the action.

Timing in exercise science is simple: a highly adapted athlete will need to rotate cycles every four weeks to keep his body guessing, whereas a detrained subject can get results following an eight or twelve week plan. OK, but most of us are somewhere in the middle…what do we do? Simple!

1. Train all aspects: lift weights, do aerobics, stretch, play sports, read information
2. Mixology 101: change gears at least every eight weeks–no matter what!!!
3. Maintain Frequency 4+ days a week and you’re golden.:

That’s it in a nutshell. Try it out and record the results. Until the next time we speak and I have something new and exciting to show you…

In spirit and sport,

Hmm, how do I get this 12 Kg plate from over-my-head to-the-left, to beside me on the right? Hmm…

Focus on the Footwork

The Multi-Planar Lunge is one of fitness’ greatest challenges. It focuses on the entire body, while moving the limbs through three different planes of motion. It stabilizes the ankle and hip with powerful pivots, while developing spatial and proprioceptive awareness with optimal structural alignments.

It’s All In the Hips

You End Up Looking Like a Heiroglyphics Character

Step by Step

1. Elevate the plate, pivot the back leg to face torso to plate.
2. Initiate movement with the pivot foot, open the angle at the hip and begin the plate’s descent.
3. Allow the arms to fall straight as the plate swoops its way across the pendulum of your body.
4. Let the weight bottom out in the middle.
5. Transfer the force with a counter pivot and whip the pendulum through your midsection.
6. Allow the plate to freely fly upward to the opposite side.
7. Ride the transition and catch it high.
8. Reverse kinetic orientation and repeat.

Repeat on Both Sides as Directed

Integrated within the same workout as the Chop Squat, the Multi-Planar Lunge brings strength and athleticism together in gorgeous harmony. Master these moves and look for the next issue of the Disc Drive series to continue to build a better fitness program!

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Time to Clean Your Plate

Plate work is some of my favorite. Just like kettle bells, dumbbells and machines, plates are just another tool in the gym that I can use to shape my body in a totally unique way. The demands placed on the core are equivalent to working with kettle bells. The majority of moves are bi-lateral, so it offers the same potential for symmetry as the machines. Unlike dumbbells, however, plate manipulation requires more advanced skill probably gained through extensive exercise experience.

Where to Begin?

Fundamental Movement

Chop Squat with Rotation

1. As the basis of working with plates, understanding the Chop Squat is critical.
2. Hold the plate bi-laterally (evenly balanced right to left). Choose the weight wisely.
3. Let the plate sway in an arc to better understand the mechanics.
4. Drive from the hips and lower back to propel the plate skyward along the arc.
5. Overcome inertia, knock it off axis and shift the center of gravity.
6. Lock in rhythm with the swaying pendulum.
7. One Max Effort hurls the plate skyward on an arc.

Going up!

8. Catch it high.
9. Once elevated, observe the distribution of different downward forces on your body as the position of the plate changes overhead.

Big Wide Orbital Arc

The Laws of Physics: The longer the lever of the pendulum, the more force it takes to overcome inertia, accelerate and decelerate it.

10. Arms bone straight, collapse the hips, knees and vertebral rotators simultaneously as the plate scrapes the perimeter.

A Complete Collapse

11. Catch it low.
12. Allow your body to give into the force so that you can accurately calculate how hard to counter.

The change in direction is initiated at the waist and then transferred through the arms. Drive first with the gluteus on the side over which the plate falls. Sequentially fire the external obliques, the erectors and the [rear] deltoids. Stabilize the shoulder with the middle trapezius, rhomboids, deltoids and the muscles with scapular insertions.

Repeat In Sequence

Mastering Plate Chop Squats does a body good! Everything gets stronger; you become more flexible; your heart rate is jacked and it’s highly functional. Whether for recreation or pro-competition, Chop Squats build athleticism and physique, and conquer uncoordinated efforts and imbalances.

Start Competing!

– Use Plate Chop Squats as part of your general warm-up prior to weight training
– Start with a light 5-pound plate and become acclimated to the mechanics
– Always use a mirror to observe yourself
– Do Three Sets of 15 repeats to each side with 30 seconds of rest between sets


See beauty in yourself and the world loves you all around. You are Beautifully Sculpted; evenly shaped. Have a grasp on your reality by touching something–it’s likely right there, in the same place at the same time…everyday. Celebrate the pendulum of your life. It’s time for the upswing.

Excerpt from “The Art of Exercise”


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Is your support system in place? Do you have special routines or systematic processes? How often do you analyze? What would be the next level on (such and such…)?

These are the questions that, if unasked, take away from the chances of having your communal, personal or professional vision materialize. But first, you must make a bold step and declaration! Put the same vision in others’ minds–the more who see the same pictures you do, the more satellites for transmission you have floating out there.

Here is a blend of ideas that can serve as a reminder that you literally make your own rules. You define what matters, and what doesn’t. And in your life, nothing is more consequential than your goals.

Reach For It

Every attempt you make brings you closer to your goal. Set the bar just a little higher, and the path will slowly come into focus.

Have a Grasp

Grip strength is an issue that every client faces. The system is only as durable as its outermost extension. Use smooth, heavy, paper thin plates for farmer walks and manual labor to get a grip.

Hold Firm

Set the stage for your one true effort and spring forth. Swing momentum’s curve for leverage to gain repetitions.

Stand Tall

Again, grip strength: how long can you hold on? Plus, when you weed the hands out as a limiting factor, major muscle movers plow the turf and promote wild growth.

V-Body with Lat Pulldows:

Forward Facing Grip Pulldowns: 2 Sets, light resistance, for reps. (rest :30)
Body Weight Pull-Ups: 5 Sets, 10+ repeats (rest :30)
Chin-Up Grip Pulldowns: 3 Sets, 12-15 repeats, Light Heavy resistance (rest :60)
Behind-the-Neck Pulldowns (*for those with adequate rotator cuff flexibility [external]): 2 Sets, light resistance, 12-15 repeats


Rear Delts
Teres Major
Teres Minor

*Nerve Flossing is also highly recommended.

Let Her Down Easy

Acrobatics: you never know when you’re gonna need them.

Gather Steam

The Abs become the other axis…could you do a Muscsle-Up from here?

Sole Train

The ceilings are low, so a simple Reverse Push-Up with “feet on the table” will extinguish the core.

Stretch and Be Quartered

“Hang around” for the wonderful feeling of blood rushing to the nerves and connective tissue as they get a rare chance at visiting abysmal sites. A nourishing tide sweeps and flosses, delivering the goods (blood).

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There’s that great feeling you get when you go to the bank and deposit some of that hard earned money into your bank account. Similarly, when you deposit investments into your body bank, the feeling you’ll live with is euphoric! Naturopathy is a great and simple way to be reminded of the importance of investing in your body bank while keeping you at your best. Here’s is a Naturopathic path to long-lasting pearly whites!

Benefits of Naturopathic Dental Care:
1. Limit or eliminate fluoride intake
2. Cavity and plaque prevention
3. Increased awareness of your body
4. An added weapon to combat food addiction
5. Whiter teeth
6. An extra moment to meditate

A simple home remedy–tried and true.
1. Swish Brush Rinse and spit
2. Scrape the residual toxins off of your tongue
3. Floss once and double up on the molars
4. Take 5 drops of Brush Rinse and dress the toothbrush with a dab of paste and a flurry of Baking Soda
5. Work through each tooth
6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat

There are no shortcuts to high level Naturopathic dental care. However, the benefits are high and there are preventive measures you can take to limit the amount of intensity you must use. Limit the amount of staining beverages you consume, or at least consume them with a straw–bypassing the teeth and gums. Rinse all meals completely down and out of the gum line by drinking and swishing lots of water after eating. Liquid meals are encouraged and, somehow, green means white. Eat gorgeous greenery to both starch (calcium) and bleach your teeth!

Kiwi Seeds and Pumpkin Seedstwo of the most complete proteins on the planet.

An easy-to-produce MealSnack made of kiwi, avocado, green apple and pumpkin seeds with a touch of Pink Himalayan crystal salt.

I wonder what a “rasta” is?

Parents: a greens juice is great exposure for your child. Make it more palatable by having the Juice Tender add high amounts of lemon and flares of pineapple.

You didn’t tell me there was Lemon in it 🙂

Note to anyone who has ever considered a juice cleanse: you will benefit greatly by familiarizing yourself with Juice before committing to a first-time fast with only juices allowed. Start with one-a-day as an added snack. For your first few juices, experiment with sweet fruits such as pear, pineapple or watermelon. Gradually dive deeper into the greens, cutting them with lemon and apple. Be brave and try a wheatgrass shot or a juice made from mostly chard, collards, dandelion and herbs. If you down one of these, you’re practically cleansed already!!!

Best Teeth Go To…

This sculpture of a lion lay at the feet of a fallen Cardinal. I was grabbed by these jaws at the Vattican in October 2011. Everything was purposeful: the intervals and grouping of the teeth, the design precision with limited tools, the texture of the mane and the sphere of the eyes. In full attack mode!!!

Thanks to

Paul Marron: for puttin’ a brotha on!!!


Benny Doro: for providing the inspiration for this write-up with your fluoride-fighting activity on Facebook.


Riley: for filling my heart with love everyday.

Melvin’s Juice Box, 130 West Houston Street, NYC: for providing the ambience.

Ann & Steve: for taking me to places and wonders that I would have never seen without you!

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