Mitchel Heard

I am your guide and your guru.  You will rely heavily on me to be pointing you in the right direction at each turn.  This is a responsibility that I take very seriously, so know, I’ve got your back.  Most of what you need to know about me is going to come through in the blog.  This is a chronicle of my experience and my exposure along a path where I’ve seen a lot and done a lot.  It’s all right here for you!

Once you begin Strongevity, you will instantly recieve a stream of commands that slowly begins to navigate your stream of consciousness.  This flow of ideas followed by actions persuades your subconscious into unknowingly complying with your truly desired outcomes–the single trickiest step in the process of transformation.

By overcoming obstacles, you build momentum and a clear direction so that all the parts of your life are experiencing progress and purpose.  Being at your best by sculpting and stabilizing your physical and mental frames will free your energy up to be in abundance within you for the long haul.

In spirit and sport,

– Mitch

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“Throughout my Himalayan trek in India I was praising Mitchel. The cardio I had done prepared me for the altitude. The strength training prepared me for the strenuous demands of climbing, and descending, moving forward through pouring rain and burning sun. My agility, flexibility, and balance came into play time and time again as we forded streams and made our way along mountain trails a single footstep wide.

Mitchel continues to grow as a trainer, continues to search for new ways to challenge himself, and for new ways to inspire, motivate, and foster the development of his clients. He hears our goals, respects our limits, encourages our growth, and—in his heart-of-hearts—truly cares about the well-being of his clients. At 61, I am in the best condition of my life. In my heart of hearts, I don’t believe that would be the case if I had met anyone other than Mitchel when I joined the gym four years ago.”

Brian, 61, New Jersey

“Mitch has been my trainer for 5 years now. His dedication to his profession and his clients is what makes him a standout personal trainer. He is part personal trainer, part nutritionist and part therapist. He is always there to support my fitness goals with true care and concern for my well being. That said I always get a great workout/butt kicking. My time with him is well spent and l leave our sessions with a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.”

Bonnie, 35, New Jersey

“I’ve trained with Mitchel for three years and earlier this year I stepped up my game in preparation for my wedding in October. For four months, we met twice a week and focused on the areas I wanted to hone in on based on the style of my dress. I also found our sessions to be an effective way to stay on track with my diet and exercise regime. I was so happy with the results. I’ve since gone back to our usual weekly sessions and I find it an excellent way to keep a check on my fitness and health.”

Sara, 33, New York City

“Mitchel isn’t just a coach; he’s a partner who is equally invested in your success (if not more at times!).  He comes to every session with infectious energy and creativity and is extremely knowledgeable in numerous aspects of wellness.  Working with Mitchel has left a lasting mark and made fitness a permanent and ever-present part of my life.  Words simply can’t do justice to his abilities.”

Rebecca, 33, New York City