A Quick Tip for Back Pain

September 18, 2014

Hey, guys.

Just a quick post about trying to get your back to feel normal again. So many of my clients frequently come to the session with a painful lower back. Knowing that movement after a long day of sitting in a chair is what they need, I have the person workout and do a bunch of moving around. Then we do our trademark stretching bit at the end, and invariably I get a text 24-48 hours later singing hymns and praise about how great their back feels.

The secret recipe for a better feeling back is movement + stretching. I like to do the movement first, because muscle responsiveness and activity are inhibited with deep stretching. The movements that I find works best is this:

• Cat/Cow
• Cobra
• Chaturanga Dandasana (yoga push-up) into Upward Facing Dog [here is a link to a tutorial on the pose(s) http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-6631/How-to-Do-Chaturanga-the-Right-Way.html]
• Walking Lunges with a twist over the front leg
• Side Lunges
• Deadlifts (both stiff leg and traditional)

After a vigorous routine of those movements, do these stretches:

• Hamstrings
• Calves
• Erectors (lower back)
• Glutes (butt)
• Hip Flexors
• Psoas and Oblique Abs (side abs)

The stretches should be done daily and even intermittently throughout the day. The movements can be done either every other day with the same level of intensity, or every day alternating between high intensity and low intensity. This battery is sure to help your lower back issues. Until next time, stay elevated.

In Spirit and Sport,

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